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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Our Philosophy

At Parametric Pro Consulting, almost every process in any business can be converted into a mathematical algorithm, process/procedure or long term initiative to handle the majority of daily business. Parametric means one of a set of factors that define a system and determine its behaviour.

All great businesses are systems with hundreds of variables and factors dynamically affecting decision making daily. If the system is built well and made to suit the niche then this conscious drain on the executive team is diminished giving your most important staff the time and ability to look forward and prepare for growth.

More Than A Consultant

We separate ourselves through our proprietary methodologies and actually following through with the implementation of the strategies.

Bringing in a traditional consulting team to suggest ways in which a company can improve is helpful however the model has two major short comings: Your employees and management.

It is not uncommon for individuals to perceive a consultant as a threat who comes in for short periods of time that the consultants actually spends working with the staff, minimizing the likelihood of buy in to the new practices, and the excessive fees from these firms make the classic methodologies in effective for small to medium sized businesses.


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We know that choosing a consultant to work with your business is a difficult decision. We'd love to chat with you about your business and how we can help, no pressure, we are here to help you grow.

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Our Consulting Process


We start our consulting process with you with our kickoff meeting. We begin with a meet and greet either in person or over video conferencing. Then, we go over our up front strategy with you and your team and move into the most important part of our kickoff: gathering all the necessary data from you and your team. Then, we’re off to the races.


Planning is key to the success of our engagement so after our kickoff meeting with you and your team, we move into the As-Is Analysis. We determine, in detail with key data points and other metrics, where you are now, what you’re doing and how you’re getting along.


After the Kickoff and the As-Is Analysis, we can move into the future. Through guided planning with members of our team, we will determine where you want to end up and how to get there. We will also plan and define key metrics and measurable goals to achieve along the way.


This next stage is our favourite and it’s the one that sets us apart from our competitors, implementation. Other consulting groups will tell you what to do and maybe how to do it, then they’ll leave. We’ve found this to be a recipe for clients to slide back into their old ways and not be able to follow through on the plan. Instead of leaving you high and dry, we implement all our solutions WITH you, ensuring success along the way.



Who does Parametric Homes work for? . . .

We work for you. The second a meeting is set or an email is sent to us with confidential information we respect confidentiality and know it belongs to you. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements whenever required. We will be held accountable for our performance and deliverables in every way. The primary discussion we have with clients is about making sure their employees and systems are held accountable to them. We practice what we preach.

Do you use subcontractors? . . .

We pride ourselves on deliverables of the highest quality. As a result, we frequently use a network of subcontractors with specialized skills who also have ongoing confidentially agreements with us. They usually bill out between $30 - $100 per hour depending on the individual’s skill set. This includes heavy equipment experts, G code programmers, network system administrators, hardware technicians, the University of Victoria’s Statistics department and many other skill sets.

Where do you add value? . . .

We add value where you want it. We can recommend other areas where we could add value but we make sure that the client gets exactly what they want by defining a clear scope of work. There is a great old saying “Good paper makes good friends” meaning if we deliver exactly what we promise we exceed expectations so that you will be more likely to use our serveries in the future.

Do you outsource? . . .

No. All our services, servers and staff are on Canadian Soil. This is important because of the Patriot Act and several other similar pieces of legistlation have caused FICOM (the regulatory body for the insurance industry, real estate industry, mortgage industry as well as several other) wants to keep essential financial services confidential and encrypted in Canada.

What will it cost me? . . .

Typically we work on a contract basis but we usually charge out our consultants at $120 per hour plus GST.

Can you build Websites? . . .

Yes. And at a fraction of the cost of our existing competitors.

Are your staff qualified? . . .

Our staff are trained in a variety of disciplines. We will not send any staff that isn’t explicitly well suited to your needs, whether that’s to assist with a pitch or manage a project.

How long does a typical project take? . . .

Most small projects will take less than a month however for clients that desire more of a hands on approach, we also have contracts available to span multiple years.

Can you help with capitalization? . . .

Yes. We have a number of private lending sources and well as several institutional level sources to assist with everything from grants and loans starting at $8.00 per hour for a new employee to the financing of $200,000,000 high-rise construction project.