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Growing businesses and solving problems. It's what we do.

Increasing profit, increasing efficiency and finding new opportunities with businesses large and small in a vast array of industries is what we do here at Parametric Pro Consulting. Our team has worked with some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world and we use that knowledge and experience to make businesses like yours, better.

Whether you have a problem that needs solving, an industry you can't seem to break into with your product or have issues of a more sensitive nature that need to be solved quickly and discretely - our team at Parametric Pro is here to help.

Our entire business model revolves around your business reaching it's goals. Instead of simply handing you a road map of how to get to those goals, we make sure to implement everything we suggest and not to leave until the job is done. We're changing consulting, for the better.

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➤ Head office

301-1321 Blanshard St
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 0B6

➤ coquitlam location

Digital Systems and Studio Production (GI)

2-2075 Brigantine Drive
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 7B8

➤ Vancouver location

Medical & HR Consulting Office (RA)

201 - 975 West 13th Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Z 1P4

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Our Services

digital systems

Parametric Pro Consulting offers a series of unique platforms that will allow for customization, expansion, and efficiency of almost any business -  whether that's through CRM, ERP, accounting, logistics, etc. We have a variety of providers that offer out-of-box solutions, as well as customized solutions, so that the perfect business process can be matched ideally to your system.

cash flow control

As businesses grow, especially those in capital intensive industries, managing cash flow can be a serious headache. We can help to determine weaknesses and strengths in your cash flow and provide a long term solution that will help you focus on your business and worry less about where the next bill will be paid from.

efficiency management

Most organizations suffer from a lack of efficiency in some form. We look at all aspects of your business and provide often overlooked solutions to bottlenecks you may or may not know exist. We then implement the detemrined solutions and monitor their impact, make changes to them and leave you with a more efficient and more profitable business.


real estate 

Parametric Pro uses advanced statistical methods and unlimited access to a variety of databases throughout North America in order optimize acquisition, disposition, refinancing, and repositioning of entire real estate portfolios. With decades of experience, we have the track record to give you the value you deserve.

process mapping

All businesses have their own way of doing things, but are those processes mapped for their optimum efficiency? We work with all departments in your organization to create the most efficient and accurate process maps to ensure high productivity and high quality work is continuously produced by everyone on your team.

corporate strategy

Whether it's targeting a new market, repositioning a company from a branding perspective, or streamlining and improving your current operations, Parametric Pro Consulting has the ability to provide all the strategic implementations that a company needs.


Industries & Sectors We Work With

Real estate

  • Acquisition / Dispostion

  • Portfolio Management and Asset Repositioning

  • Project Management and Finance

energy & environment

  • Project Management

  • Economic Viability Analysis

  • Operations and Efficiency


  • Collective Bargaining

  • Operational Margin Controls on Contracts

  • Strategic Negotiation Approach


  • Compliance and Encryption

  • Custom Point of Sales and Claims Management Systems

  • Margin control systems and reporting

metals & mining

  • Capital Stack Structuring to maximize enterprise value

  • Logistics

  • Real Time GPS payroll and Expense controls


  • Real Time GPS payroll and Expense controls

  • Real time margin control systems

  • Onsite efficiency optimization (cut waste in most companies by over 30% on key materials)

consumer goods

  • Grants and production/ distribution efficiency

  • Marketing and product positioning

  • Buyer experience analysis


  • Multiple truck bidding system

  • Inventory Optimization Systems

  • Multiple delivery method comparison systems

technology & media

  • Custom business systems including CRM, ERP, Accounting, Bidding, Purchasing, Inventory and Logistics

  • Multimedia campaigns - including SEO, Video, Ads and advertising accountability systems

  • Process mapping for business digitization


Traditional paths are not just slow; they’re no longer viable if we want to compete and innovate.
— Shane Snow, Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate


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