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Efficiency Management

Efficiency Management

Finding the holes and applying solutions.

We ensure the smoothest, most efficient production, distribution and sales process possible from a customer’s first impression right through to the follow up after the completion of a transaction and every step in between. We offer a range of services for this management efficiency, such as “Just in Time Inventory Methodology” an efficiency structure utilizing the practice of maintain strict minimums of factory inventory held at any given time.  We incorporate the efficiency management principal of  “Little’s Law” – optimizing flow points and choke point analysis to determine how to optimize processes through standard mathematical equations. We are proficient in Six Sigma standards and methodologies.

122 million-efficiency management.png

wasted every year

The amount of money wasted for every year for every billion dollars of money invested into the economy. Efficiency is critical to every business, but how can you track both efficiency and it's effectiveness without the proper software?

97% - critical to success.png

believe efficiency management is key

The percentage of organizations who believe that efficiency management is critical for their project's success. Keeping both a project and a project manager on task, on budget and on time is critical to a company's continued success.

33% - fail with management.png

Fail with lack of management

The percentage of projects that fail because senior management isn't involved. With a lack a senior management involvement comes slower decision making, wasted time, wasted money and often - lost opportunities.

21% - have no way to track.png

have no way to track efficiency

The percentage of project managers don't use any software for management and have no way to track their efficiency. Company and most importantly, management backed software and solutions to manage and track efficiency are the most successful and put vital information at everyone's fingertips.