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Digital Systems

Digital Systems

Implementation can be daunting.

Most mid-sized businesses do not even realize what they are missing. Implementing a digital system enables a midsized firm to grow exponentially with minimal staffing increases, decrease existing overhead and administrative tasks or establish enterprise value through proprietary Intellectual property establishing value in a corporation.  Digital systems range from This Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)’s, Inventory Systems, Enterprise Resource Systems, Dashboard Reporting, Mobile GPS Based Payroll, Mobile GPS Based Expense Tracking to Customized Accounting Systems. Parametric recognizes that there are many out of the box providers that can assist with one aspect or another of your business requirements however we pride ourselves on being able to update and optimize all your needs. We can implement a digital system that services not just one aspect, but all aspects making it much more management to take your company to the next level.


average increase in retention

Clients who implement a CRM system with buy-in from their organization and consistent use report an average of 27% increase in customer retention. A CRM helps keep current clients engaged, stops them from feeling ignored and means that no matter what member of your team interacts with them, they know everything about them and their account.

The failure rate with bad data

Utilizing a CRM system is useless and doomed to fail if the data used is stale, incorrect or if certain members of your team don't use the tool. During implementation, we identify these problems and individuals and create custom solutions for each problem or individual.


months to see benefits

Clients see major benefits of utilizing a CRM, ERP or fully custom solution within 6-12 months of implementation for their organization. The biggest benefits we see with our clients are the ability to see information from multiple users at a glance and team collaboration on a single file.


percentage of cost overruns

57% of businesses report cost overruns while implementing a ERP system for their business. Some consultants will promise the moon with only a small amount of information about your business. At PCGC, our passion is to know your business inside and out so we can ensure your ERP implementation is successful and on budget.