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Cash Flow Control

Cash Flow Control

Slow the use of capital and increase profits.

The largest issue facing most growing companies is managing the operating cash flows. Managing receivables and the timing in which they are collected as this timing drives the short term cash position of most small to medium sized business.  There are a number of options including Export Development Corporation, PO (Purchase Order), Export Insurance, Factor Inventory Financing, Heavy Equipment Financing, Receivables Financing as well as a number of other methods of maximizing a company’s short-term liquidity. Parametric can assist you with figuring out what is the best option for your particular needs and implementing systems to support you going forward.  

52% - cash flow control.png

average increase in retention

Businesses lose almost 52% of the value of receivables when they aren't paid within 90 days.

3-5% - cash flow control.png

cost to implement card payments

The average cost of implementing credit card capabilities for your business. Today's world runs on plastic, are you being left behind by not taking cards and mobile devices as methods of payment?


months of cash on hand

The amount of cash you should have on hand at anytime in case of a serious issue within the company. You have a rainy day fund for yourself, but does your business?


percentage of cost overruns

Percentage of business owners of SMEs who say cash flow control is their biggest problem. Knowing exactly where the holes are and how to plug them is a key starting point to controlling your cash flow.